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Marrakech city guide offers the visitors a bouquet of places and touristic attractions that they need to reach the places they want to visit and enjoy the best times in the red city Marrakech with ease and flexibility by taking advantage of our services. To submit your business on Marrakech city guide try to follow these steps.

Marrakech City Guide

Basic Information


In the basic information field, you will fill in the name of the business and choose the category for the field of work and the keywords so that search motors can identify your page.

Marrakech city guide gives you a maximum of 15 keywords, while not forgetting the commas between the keywords.

Marrakech City Guide

Location / Contacts


In this section on Location / Contacts, you will find in the first form the region or neighborhood and the address as well as the latitude and longitude numbers of your business’s location so that the visitor can easily access it
 Visit this website to know the latitude and longitude of your business’s website.


When you fill out this information, it will be activated automatically on the map on the side.

Marrakech City Guide

Price Options


In the Price Options, fill in blank ” price from” the minimum price and the maximum price in the “Price to” blank.


Also when you choose in the “Price range” the Inexpensive or Moderate or Pricey or Ultra High, you will help search motors answer easily visitors who ask for low or high prices to reach your business.


Marrakech City Guide



Featured image is the header media if you would like to make only one photo in the header choose “Background image”.

“Carousel” is to show multiple images of your business as a gallery in the header of the page.

Marrakech City Guide give the possibility to use video too as background header media however from youtube or Vimeo.

Marrakech City Guide

Detailed Information


In the Description try to write detailed information about your business, do not forget to use the keywords to let search motors work well with your listing.


Custom Excerpt


Excerpts are the short extract from your description that makes it easier for you to decide what you want to show as the excerpt for your description.

Marrakech City Guide

Content Widgets


you may upload or write the URL of the promotional video of your business.

The Marrakech city guide does not accept the presence of any commercials outside of your business promotional video.

as you can choose to show your pictures however in the Thumbnails gallery or a slide.

Marrakech City Guide offers you, sharing Frequently asked Questions with your visitors, just click on Add FAQ bottom and write the question and its answer too.

Marrakech City Guide


Event Counter

Marrakech City Guide helps visitors to reach to the business events easily in the sidebar of your business page when you write the event date and time, end date and end time blanks.


Working Hours

same for working hours visitors will know exactly when will reach to your business.

Most of Marrakech City Guide visitors use the bottom “Open Now” filter on the home page to reach your business and others in opened time.

Marrakech City Guide



Social networks became more important for your business audience.


When you click on “Add Social” you’ll find two blanks.

First blank to choose one of 15 social networks list as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and more, and second blank to write the URL of the social network.

Save Changes and check your email for your Submit your business.

Marrakech City Guide


We share with you, in this space, the joys and successes of your business, with everyone arriving in this city however from inside or outside Morocco.

All roads are easier with Marrakech city guide the interactive city guide of the red city


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