Transport in Marrakech 

Passengers stations | Vehicle dealers and rentals

The transport sector in Marrakech is one of the most dynamic and vibrant sectors of the city.

Marrakech Airport is one of the beautiful airport terminals in Africa, accommodating approximately nine million passengers per year.

When the tourist arrives, whether at Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca or Marrakech International Airport, he will find all the services he needs in his trip, especially transportation, where he may not need to book a car before the trip, the car rental agencies are always active in the airports to offer their services.

Also, you will find in the city’s chargers many of those who provide quads or motos of bike rental services to enjoy the most beautiful moments while touring the red city.

If you are looking for dealers or rentals agents in Marrakech like cars, motorcycles, quad, bikes, or any transportation section like airports, train stations, passenger bus, or more; Marrakech city guide offers you many features to make your itinerary faster and easier by using the interactive map of Marrakech

Transport Sector in Marrakech
Marrakech City Guide
Marrakech City Guide
Marrakech City Guide
Marrakech City Guide
Marrakech City Guide


When you use the Android application “Marrakech City Guide”, you will find special listings of transport sector in Marrakech.

the interactive Marrakech map, with clear blue color markers that guide you to the location of Marrakech passengers station, vehicle dealers, and rentals.

With the benefit of all the facilities and assistance provided by the application and for free like photos gallery,  Marrakech map navigator by Gps, and more.



Airoports in Marrakech

markers 58Airports, Train Stations, Passengers bus station used in same colors on the markers in the interactive map

Transport sector in Marrakech


markers 27 1Car dealers around the red city for who would like to buy a car, check this map

Car rentals in Marrakech


markers 26 1Check this interactive map of Marrakech city guide for rental car agency in Marrakech

Quad dealers in Marrakech

markers 29Check this marker on the interactive map to look for Quads dealers in Marrakech

Quad rental in Marrakech


markers 28if you search for renting a quad and spend wonderful times to drive, click on show map bottom

Moto Dealers in Marrakech


markers 28Moto Dealers wherever you go in Marrakech, use this interactive map find all that you need to buy a motorcycle in Marrakech

Moto Rental in Marrakech


markers 30There is a lot of moto rentals agencies in Marrakech to show many services, this marker will guide you to the best moto rental agencies  in Marrakech

Bike rentals in Marrakech


markers 32For those who enjoy roaming on bikes, this marker is for you to by nice bikes in Marrakech

Bike dealers in Marrakech


markers 32to spend wonderful times around the beauty of the red city, check this map to rent a bike


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