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Sightseeing Marrakech

Enjoy watching one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Marrakech


Marrakech is one of the best and most beautiful ancient and distinguished cities by an abundance of sights and tourist attractions in Morocco and the world.

Since the founding of the city of Marrakesh by Yusuf bin Tashfin in 1070. Marrakech being made the political and cultural capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the meeting place of Islamic, European, and African cultures.

the city has an architectural and cultural character that gives its visitor and its inhabitants a different lifestyle than the other historical capitals in the world.

Jamaa El Fna Square


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The famous square, multicultural museums, and many must-visit attractions in Marrakech


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Jemaa El Fna Square remains the most exciting place in the Red City, with visitors from all over the world. A square classified as a world heritage by UNESCO


Marrakech is characterized by many museums, such as the Marrakesh Museum, Dar Si Said, and others, the last of which is the Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization, as well as historical palaces with antiques and original architectural history, which have become a public visitor, most notably the Badi Palace and Bahia Palace.



sightseeing in Marrakech
el koutoubia mosque

Famous mosques

The mosques of Marrakesh are a rich heritage of Andalusian architectural history.

The most important ones are the Koutoubia Mosque and the Ibn Youssef Mosque

Parks in the red city

Those who visit the city of Marrakech must be attracted by the green colors and the picturesque nature in terms of the diversity of its gardens.

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10 things about El Badi Palace

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10 souks in Marrakech

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أسئلة شائعة

popular questions

An overview of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Marrakech.

Are tourist attractions in Marrakech open to the public today?

Despite the state of emergency that Morocco is experiencing, some museums and cultural attractions are open to a specific number of people according to the reservation option.

Can tourist guides be used to visit the sites in case of emergency?

According to the website of the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, before and after each visit, tourist guides will be provided with disinfectants hygiene kits to disinfect hands after each contact, as well as sanitized sound equipment, with a commitment to wearing a protective mask and respecting the rules of social distancing.

What should I avoid in Morocco?

The most that a tourist should take into account during his stay in Marrakech is respecting the culture of the Moroccan society in general and Marrakesh in particular with everything that includes religion, language, etc.

Respecting the monarchy prevailing in the Kingdom and also respecting the laws in force in the country without raising any problems punishable by law

What are the health procedures followed when entering the historical and cultural sightseeings in Marrakech?

It is necessary to wear a protective mask when entering the attractive place, the temperature will be checked, and hands will be disinfected with disinfectants at the door.
Please avoid touching objects, respect the safety distance, and follow the indicated paths in the building

Do they speak English in Marrakech?

Marrakech is the capital of tourism par excellence in Morocco, you will find most of the religious people working in the tourism field speak English with the knowledge that the official language is Arabic, followed by French, and the Marrakesh community in particular enjoys a unique cultural diversity where you will discover yourself that there is no problem while communicating with them.

What Marrakech famous for?

Marrakech is famous for its moderate climate, which makes the visitor live the beauty of all four seasons in the city, and it is also distinguished by its many historical, natural and cultural attractions.
What the city is most famous for is the tourist’s desire to think of settling in the city or returning to it again at the earliest opportunity.

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