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Welcome to the interactive application where you will find everything related to Marrakech travel and roaming.

When you download the Android application, you will be able to access the city’s sightseeingaccommodations as well as were to eat and drinkwellness, shopping places to enjoy the most beautiful times, and why not to profit many services such as renting a car.

When using the application, you will find in the menu a list of all the categories of the Marrakesh city guide

When you access the menu, – for example a restaurant – you will find the Marrakech map has many orange markers that guide you to the location of where to eat and drink, and at the bottom of the map, you will be able to filter your search depends on your needs, if you are looking for the places closest to you or opened listings in the real-time.

  You will also benefit from many advantages, such as providing sufficient information about all the places you want to go to, and the services that they provide to you, in addition to easy access to their whereabouts through air navigation (GPS) and direct phone contact to answer all your inquiries.

Marrakech City Guide
Sightseeing Marrakech
Accommodotation Marrakech
eat and drink in Marrakech
Nightlife in Marrakech
Shopping in Marrakech
Wellnes in Marrakech
Transport Sector in Marrakech


When you use the Android application “Marrakech City Guide”, you will find special listings categories in Marrakech.

the interactive Marrakech map, with many colors of markers that guide you to the location of the sightseeing, accommodation, eat and drink, nightlife, shopping, and more

With the benefit of all the facilities and assistance provided by the application and for free like booking online, photos,  Marrakech map navigator by Gps, and more.



Marrakech City Guide

Marrakech City Guide

The interactive city guide of the red City


“Marrakech City Guide” project is an ambitious, multi-service project that relies on what is electronic, such as the website and application, and also special publications to enable visitors of the Red City to access easily and conveniently using many features and media and also provide Much important information related to the tourist place.

Marrakech City Guide

Marrakech City Guide 

The Blog


It is simply the “Marrakesh City Guide” website, which will provide many services, articles, and information about tourism in Marrakech in general, such as knowing and booking the price of plane tickets and providing the ability to know the appropriate price and hotel reservations with all its types and many advantages.

Marrakech City Guide

Marrakech City Guide 

The Application


A free application that depends on locating tourist sites on the map and using air navigation technology and many other features.

Marrakech City Guide

Marrakech City Guide 

The City Guide


An ambitious project based on a printed and interactive map consisting of two publications:
The first is a paper card with a small area that deals with the most important attractions and historical landmarks of Marrakech and the other card with a larger area for the most important tourist listings such as hotels, restaurants, and others.

We invite everyone to positive interaction in order to make this unique experience a success so that the city’s visitor finds everything he needs to enjoy the most beautiful travel moments to Marrakech

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