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When you download the Android application, you will be able to access the city’s sightseeingaccommodations as well as were to eat and drinkwellness, shopping places to enjoy the most beautiful times, and why not to profit many services such as renting a car.

When using the application, you will find in the menu a list of all the categories of the Marrakesh city guide

When you access the menu, – for example a restaurant – you will find the Marrakech map has many orange markers that guide you to the location of where to eat and drink, and at the bottom of the map, you will be able to filter your search depends on your needs, if you are looking for the places closest to you or opened listings in the real-time.

  You will also benefit from many advantages, such as providing sufficient information about all the places you want to go to, and the services that they provide to you, in addition to easy access to their whereabouts through air navigation (GPS) and direct phone contact to answer all your inquiries.

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Morocco is living like the rest of the world, the global pandemic known as the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19)

We recommend that you exercise the required caution by following the advice of the Ministry of Health, such as wearing masks, social distancing between people, and ensuring hand hygiene.

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When you use the Android application “Marrakech City Guide”, you will find special listings categories in Marrakech.

the interactive Marrakech map, with many colors of markers that guide you to the location of the sightseeing, accommodation, eat and drink, nightlife, shopping, and more

With the benefit of all the facilities and assistance provided by the application and for free like booking online, photos,  Marrakech map navigator by Gps, and more.



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popular questions

An overview of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Marrakech.

Is Marrakech dangerous for tourists?

Many travel enthusiasts may not want to go to Marrakech since hearing this word, but if it is possible for him to search a little about it, every information about this city will raise the excitement and suspense to visit it at the earliest time.
Security in Marrakesh is the same as in other cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, known internationally for excellence with great degrees in the field of security and safety

Is Marrakech worth visiting?

It is known about the red city, many of those who visited and wandered in it decided to settle in the city permanently and this was due to the beauty of the climate, the sunny weather, green nature and snow that covered the mountains all in one scene It is also distinguished by the brilliance and diversity of its ancient culture throughout history, which makes the visitor live the most beautiful atmosphere of travel and wanderlust

What should I avoid in Morocco?

The most that a tourist should take into account during his stay in Marrakech is respecting the culture of the Moroccan society in general and Marrakesh in particular with everything that includes religion, language, etc.

Respecting the monarchy prevailing in the Kingdom and also respecting the laws in force in the country without raising any problems punishable by law

Where is Marrakech in the world map?

The city of Marrakech on the map is located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Morocco, about 240 km (150 mi) from Casablanca, 580 km (360 mi) from Tangiers, and about 330 km (203 mi) from Rabat.

Do they speak English in Marrakech?

Marrakech is the capital of tourism par excellence in Morocco, you will find most of the religious people working in the tourism field speak English with the knowledge that the official language is Arabic, followed by French, and the Marrakesh community in particular enjoys a unique cultural diversity where you will discover yourself that there is no problem while communicating with them.

What Marrakech famous for?

Marrakech is famous for its moderate climate, which makes the visitor live the beauty of all four seasons in the city, and it is also distinguished by its many historical, natural and cultural attractions.
What the city is most famous for is the tourist’s desire to think of settling in the city or returning to it again at the earliest opportunity.

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